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Rachel Ruysch - Fruits and insects

by Alexandra Tuschka

Of course, it can be argued whether symbolic analogies are hidden in the Stli life. Thus the grapes and the oats could refer to the Eucharist; in that these again allude to wine and bread and thus to blood and body of Christ. However, we cannot prove this.

The butterfly in the front of the picture would like to land; however, it may be doubtful because the lizard in front of it does not want to welcome the intruder. The painter's close study of insects and reptiles was made possible by her father. Frederick Ruysch was a professor of botany and anatomy in Amsterdam and owned an extensive collection of curiosities.

Rachel Ruysch - Fruits and insects

Oil on canvas, 1711, 40 x 60 cm, Gallery of the Uffizi in Florence


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