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Theodor Philipsen - Long shadows

by Alexandra Tuschka

A herd of cattle runs into the picture background and shows us their rumps. In the process, they cast "long shadows," which gave the painting its name. These can no longer be separated from the bodies - Philipsen blurred the color areas with the brush, creating the additional impression of a rapid move into the depths. The short, colorful brushstrokes create an impression of movement. In addition, the scene is bathed in warm light and seems almost timeless. The subtitle of the painting reveals where we are - it is the island of Saltholm, near Copenhagen. 

Philipsen's subjects are often characterized by similar themes: landscapes, animals, and contemplative and tranquil city views are repeated in his ouevre. Coupled with the impressive colors, the agitated brushwork and the rendering of an individual impression makes the painter - in the French sense - an Impressionist. 

Theodor Philipsen - Long shadows

Oil on canvas, ca. 1890, 61 x 81,5 cm, Staten Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen


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