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Carl Larrson - Self-portrait with doll

by Alexandra Tuschka

The crazy doll at the bottom left of the picture steals the show a bit. The cheerful face waves cheerfully at us. The colors are also strong here in red and green; only behind it, much more subdued and inconspicuous, Larrson's face is hidden under a hat and behind glasses. The fine beard also hides parts of his face. His gaze is directed as firmly toward the viewer as his right hand grasps the figure. He has not yet taken off his painter's coat. We are obviously in a living room or in the artist's cozy studio.

A candlestick and picture frames can be seen in the background, as well as a window, through which one can recognize his wife Karin in profile. This view of the wife possibly also subtly expresses something about their mutual relationship. Although the two were considered an extremely happy couple, it is not known today whether the wife was completely fulfilled with her role as mother and housewife and would not have preferred to pursue a career as a painter. This role relationship is possibly reflected here.

Carl Larrson - Self-portrait with doll

Oil on canvas, 1906, 95,5 x 61 cm, Gallery of the Uffizi in Florence


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